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 Rad's Rant

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PostSubject: Rad's Rant   Rad's Rant Icon_minitimeMon Feb 16, 2009 12:29 am

Horrible games. They didn't have enough people, so they insulted us until we accepted. We ended up accepting doing a 2v2. Neither of them showed any respect at all. All they did was camp and use mp40's. Completely average players, nothing special in this clan. They camped for a win at dome. Then, they camped the entire game at asylum. They were using skype/teamspeak to coordinate their camping i suspect. We were making a comeback at the end (400-420) with 1 minute left, so they hid the rest of the time away and low and behold, THEY CAMPED! Don't war, horrible clan, horrible players, horrible strategies, horrible respect, and, most of all, horrible games. --Rad

^ Beautiful

Shame they won't let me most past the "s" in special. Sad
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Rad's Rant
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