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 ***Upheval Strat Now finished***

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PostSubject: ***Upheval Strat Now finished***   ***Upheval Strat Now finished*** Icon_minitimeTue Feb 10, 2009 9:08 pm

***Upheval Strat Now finished*** Upheval1

Well the majority of this map is blocked by buildings but still provides space for sniping Smile . SO i picked what i think is the best house for it. As it only has two ways of getting in. Both of which are easily defendable. Place a betty on the stairwell and a bettie just a little ahead of the window ewth the shed beside it. The best combanation on the second floor would be a sniper and a machine gun with a Bipod. As a sniper can pick off any other sniper or someone from a far ways away. A machine gun can just mount and aim away at incomeing enemies with some deadly accuracy.

The SMG can patrol but keeping close to the house incase a sudden flank happens. They can have different guns for it but smgs are the most versitile and alot of people in here use them.

The red squares show possiable danger points for the two upstairs and they should always be aware of them.

The 1 is too show a the first area i thought of. as i might make a second one later.

Machine gun should have have bipod
any side arm preferably magnum.
Frag or sticky
tabun or smoke.
Perk 1. anything really extra betties could be good
perk 2. Steady aim i believe is in perk 2
perk 3. Deep penatration incase an enimy hides behind something.

Any sniper rifle - Any BAs or Garand with scope
magnum if they have it
Perk 1. Beties
Perk 2 Camo or steady
perk 3. Deep pren.

SMG can use any thing they like.
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***Upheval Strat Now finished***
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