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 ***Assylum Strats now Fnished***

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***Assylum Strats now Fnished*** Empty
PostSubject: ***Assylum Strats now Fnished***   ***Assylum Strats now Fnished*** Icon_minitimeSun Jan 18, 2009 3:11 pm

Wonder and I went online an decided on three spots for assylum that we think would benifeit only one of them is a draw back to place incase something bad goes wrong. Strat number one.

***Assylum Strats now Fnished*** Assylum1

Yellow dots = betties
MG= Machine gun
SM = submachine gun

now i placed the gun names were i think they would work the best but we can modify. For the machine gun I would like to see them lying down as it gives more accuracy and harder to see when comming up the stairs. the machine gunner plays an important role in defending that area. I gave this postion as it doesnt allow alot of room for the advancing enemies just watch out for grenades. If hordes of enemies come jump over the ledge and go for cover. Probley in the trees are best,

Sniper- I gave this area as it provides three areas to snipe, Some of the courtyard. Down the long hallway and in that blown out wall area. Plus if you and the machine gunner have some sort of communication you can tell him about enemies comming up the stairs. The sniper should have Betties to block off the exits for the enemy if he decides to take cover from the machine Gun. Thus blowing the enemy up.

SMG- You two are the most verstile players defending two ways that can get flanked easily. So it would be nice to hide betties to blow people up but i know that doesnt go with some playing styles. SMG will also need to help whoever needs it the most.

Know the lines on the map are to show areas of which i think you can go if we need be. Machine Gun goes to the little room to set up his tripod and uses it as a mount. Sniper can also shoot from there. SMG can go out into the blown area or anywere were other people are. Just be careful

(Will be tested in practice with attacking and defending to work out any bugs and to see if we like it.)
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***Assylum Strats now Fnished***
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